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Welcome to KALLIERGO!!

The garden or potted plants on the balcony in the city, is a magical place of knowledge, joy and performance. It is no coincidence that working with plants and growing your own food is described by many as their “psychotherapy”.

By cultivating, you learn, produce, appreciate, improve, and relax. One of the best things is that you can start growing your own food at any age, young or old. The benefits will be immediate. By growing vegetables and tending flowers, we get in touch with nature, the seasons and plants which are the most durable and long lasting leaving organisms on planet Earth.

Don’t forget that plants have developed incredible defense and survival mechanisms. That’s why they have been around for hundreds of millions of years on Earth. Evolutionary, they are very successful organisms.

What does Kalliergo means?

KALLIERGO “ΚΑΛΛΙΕΡΓΩ” is a Greek word that has 3 meanings based on context: Grow, Cultivate, Nurture.
All three meanings have in common the idea of: “Doing a Good Work – ΚΑΛΛΟΝ ΕΡΓΟΝ“.

So, Kalliergo will help you do a good work!

The purpose of KALLIERGO

The purpose of the website is twofold.

  • To provide practical and reliable information to individuals and amateur gardeners who want to grow their own vegetables, fruits, herbs, love plants and trees, have a garden, or live in urban areas and take care plants on balconies and terraces.
  • To provide a platform for gardening related businesses (nursery shops, garden stores, agronomists, garden maintainers, merchants and manufacturers of tools, equipment and supplies for the garden), and house decoration and maintenance products and services providers to directly inform a targeted audience about their products and services!

We want to act as the link between those who need and those who offer.

For professionals it is a cost-effective and efficient means of advertising. For individuals a place of comprehensive information and expression.

Free access to content

Everyone has FREE access to the information provided by the site.

Promotion opportunities and advertising for garden and home professionals

Professionals can promote their products and service in two ways:

by Publishing Informational Articles (we call it Guest Posting with Backlinks)

by adding their business details to the Business Directory.

We want to keep alive the interest in growing vegetables, fruits, herbs, from individuals who love flowers and plants and to support businesses that provide to us the resources we need.

For details, please see the Opportunities for Garden Business.


KALLIERGO was created back in 2010 by Ilias Antonopoulos, founder of AlterMarket – Online Business Marketing. During the first years of his live it was developed using Joomla! Then it was converted to WP. You can find the forum from the old version running at 2019.kalliergo.gr.

Emerged as a product of the need to bring together those who grow their own food and love plants, trees, nature, with those who provide services and products for crops and gardens.

We all buy seedlings, plants, trees, fertilizers, flowers, shrubs, seeds, equipment, tools, services for our garden.

But do we really know what garden related businesses really offer?

Do we know where we can find the seedlings, plants, trees, fertilizers, seeds, equipment, tools, services we need?

Can we find practical articles from garden experts?

KALLIERGO is a win-win situation where everyone wins.

To whom it is dedicated

But none of this would have happened if my father, Ioannis Antonopoulos (1929 – 2008), hadn’t built a small cottage and started growing vegetables and planting trees.

I would like – if he can hear me from up there – to say a big apology to him for how small and stupid I am, because while he was alive I didn’t understand anything of what he did for us. I didn’t participate in his efforts and toil.

He – like many of his generation – experienced the countryside, production, poverty, the joy of life, real values.

Having known death growing up through World War II and then the Greek civil war, he appreciated and loved life.

Then, like hundreds of thousands of others, in the mid-1960s he left the countryside (Komotini, Greece) and came to Athens. He got a job in Athens, Greece. In Athens he set up his home and his life. In a small apartment in Kallithea.

But when he got the chance, he rediscovered his roots, acquiring a small plot of land and building a small and humble house. He built it almost by himself. He put his soul into this piece of land.

Soon he started farming. Not out of a need to survive. Out of a need to reconnect with Mother Earth and make use of the land that he now owned. I don’t remember his parents, my grandpa and grandma (they were still alive then) being happier. I will never forget the satisfaction with which they watered the lemon tree. Today the lemon tree is still there to remind me of them.

They also brought a tiny pine tree in a pot from the apartment in Kallithea. They planted it on their property too.

Today, this pine tree stands as a huge monument – visible from everywhere – silent witness of their presence here.

And where was I?

Absent? Even worse! Indifferent!!!!

KALLIERGO is dedicated to my father and his generation.

Member of the Register of Electronic Media Businesses

Since 2021, KALLIERGO has been a member of the Greek Registry of Electronic Media Enterprises, with registration number 14189.

This means that it can accept advertising from public and private entities.

Ilias I. Antonopoulos

MSc E-Commerce
Holder of a degree in Medical Instrumentation Engineering
Founder: AlterMarket – Online Marketing for Business

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