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Advertising in KALLIERGO

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Advertising on KALLIERGO grows roots, sprouts and pays off for many years! Or in other words, alternative and low cost advertising with benefits.

In addition to paid ads on services like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, a business must also utilize other ways of advertising and promotion, which are often much more effective than PPC (Pay Per Click) ads and don’t stop paying off when you stop paying for your ads.

We offer simple, alternative and effective advertising and promoting options.

See how you can leverage KALLIERGO promotion and advertising to get the word out about your business, products and services. Alternative means of advertising with a clear goal: Increase sales with low cost advertising and promotion.

Advertising and Promotion Ideas

You can contact with us and we will be happy to guide you.

1. Publication of Informative Articles

Advertise smartly, economically and effectively! Publish informative articles on KALLIERGO. Guest Posting with Backlinks!

Want to learn more about the advantages of Guest Posting and the importance of Backlinks?

Send us your articles. If you want, we can write the articles for you.

Articles are one of the most effective ways of promotion and advertising on the Internet.

It is no coincidence that Guest Posting is one of the most powerful methods of online advertising.

Informative articles are posted on the home page and in the relevant categories so that interested people and search engines can find them.

They include a photo or photos, link or links to the business (backlinks), its products and services.

Ideas for articles on KALLIERGO

Presentation of business, products and services offered.

Plant and tree care instructions in a garden or in the city.

Presentation of products (e.g. fertilizers, tools, machinery, etc.).

Presentation of services you provide.

Problem solving.

Experiences and advice.


Promotion period: lifetime or for a specific period of time.

2. Adding a business to the Business Directory

Add your garden related business to the Business Directory. Make it easy for people to find you.

Promotion on KALLIERGO gives roots, sprouts and produces for many years!

You can contact with us and we will be happy to give you guidelines.

Gardeners are all hungry for accurate information. Take advantage of the KALLIERGO platform to give it to us and help your business win the most!

KALLIERGO is a member of the Electronic Media Business Registry of Greece

As of 2021, KALLIERGO is a member of the Registry of Electronic Media Enterprises (https://emedia.media.gov.gr/), with registration number 14189.

This means that it can accept advertising from public and private entities in Greece.

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