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November-December. Gardening Calendar


November-December works in the Garden. We are beginning to have the first harvests of winter vegetables. We are picking up the fallen leaves and throwing them into the compost bin to turn them into fertilizer. November and December are productive months in the garden!

Vegetable garden


  • Fertilizing with fertilizers in November or December
  • We are working on construction/support for the next season
  • December is a month without work. That’s why it’s called “clean”

Trees, shrubs and climbers

  • Planting new plants
  • Prune as appropriate
  • Remove dead leaves from roses

Perennial herbaceous plants

  • Strictly prune chrysanthemums when they have finished flowering

Seasonal and Bulbous

  • Plant seasonally only in cold protected places
  • In November we can still plant bulbs for spring flowering


  • Collect the fallen leaves
  • We do the final mowing on turf of thermophilic species
  • Aerate already installed turf
  • Adjust automatic watering
  • Maintain tools and machinery
  • We have the last chance to close gaps
  • By the end of November, we can sow thermophilic species


  • We protect against the cold
  • We dilute watering
  • Stop fertilizing
  • Spray with water


  • Finish harvesting before the frosts start
  • We remove all the fruit we didn’t harvest
  • We plant bare-root trees

Ecological gardening

  • We collect fallen leaves for composting or to protect sensitive plants from the cold
  • We take care of providing food for our natural allies, the birds

Acidophilous plants

  • We take measures to protect the most sensitive plants from cold and frost

Cacti and succulents

  • We do not water
  • We do not fertilize
  • We remove dry fallen leaves around our plants
  • Protect from the cold


  • Water only when needed
  • We do not fertilize
  • We take measures to protect against the cold


  • We thaw the pond
  • We control the algae

NOTE: Please read carefully. Please read carefully. There may be variation due to microclimate or climatic changes. Please consult your agronomist.

Source: Garden & Garden Book. Garden and Veranda – Taxiarchis Andritsopoulos, Nikos Thymakis – Publications Ath. Stamoulis


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