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Why become a member of KALLIERGO

As an amateur gardener, you get access to an invaluable resource of information about successful gardening and growing your own food. All for free.

As a business offering products and services related to gardening, you have the opportunity to promote your business, products and services at a very low cost.

I am an amateur gardener
For gardeners and those who love plants and growing in gardens

Άρθρα Συμβουλές για τον Κήπο και Καλλιέργειες

As a member of KALLIERGO, you can participate for free in the forum discussions, comment on articles.

I am a business related to gardening
For nursery shops, growers, gardeners, garden maintainers and landscape architecture, equipment suppliers

Φυτώρια, Γεωπονικά Καταστήματα, Γεωπόνοι

KALLERGO gives unique opportunities for promotion and increased sales to businesses in the gardening field. You can promote your business and its activities in many ways. Please contact us.

How you can use KALLIERGO for your business

In order to become customers to your nursery shop, agronomist services, landscaping, garden maintenance, garden tools and supplies, and to buy products and services from you, we fist need to know where to find you and what you can offer.

Add your business to business directory

Publish your Offers and Business News

Tell us about Garden tools and Supplies

Read Articles about the garden and growing plants

Add your business to the business directory with detailed information about it

Publish information about your Business

You can post information about your business (nursery shop, agronomists, horticulturalists, garden maintenance, services and supplies, home maintenance, home decoration, etc.). Tell us what your business is, your history, what you can offer, where you are located. So that we can get to know you and easily find you.

Using the search filters and the map, feature customers will be able to find you.

Contact us to add your business. Get a backlink to your site. There may be charges for this service.

Business offers and News

Offers, News, Articles for your Business

Post the offers you have. Post latest business news. Talk about new products. KALLIERGO is a platform to inform gardeners and be known.

Send us press releases you want to be published. Get a backlink to your site. There may be charges for this service. Please contact us.

Tools and products for the garden

Tell us about the garden tools and products you sell

Let us know about the products and tools for the garden. Their features. How we can and where to use them. Where we can get them from.

Send us press releases so we can publish them. Get a backlink to your site. There may be charges for this service. Please contact us.

Useful articles on crops and garden care

Publish useful articles on gardening, garden works work, care, etc.

You can publish useful articles about the garden, crops, plant care, plant protection, and more! In this simple and useful way, you can make your business more known and familiar to gardeners.

Want to publish an article with useful information? Get backlink to your site. There may be charges for this service. Please contact us.

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