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Gardening articles for newbies and experienced gardeners

A valuable collection of articles about gardening, growing vegetables, herbs, fruits, trees. Information about soil, fertilizers, seeds, equipment, tips, experiences from the garden.
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How to grow your own vegetables. Tips, techniques, ideas. Learn how to grow tomatoes, onions, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, taro (kolokasi), eggplants, peas, peppers, okras, beans and much more!

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Tips and guides on how to plant and grow your own fruit and ornamental trees. Learn about grafting, pruning, fertilizing trees.

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Urban gardening

Cultivation is not only the privilege of those who have a garden. Urban farming is an activity that is gaining more and more friends. All you need are pots, soil, plants, seeds and a good mood.

Urban gardening helps a lot in creating a positive psychology. It helps to think positively and creatively. The feeling that in the grey of the concrete of the city, there can be production of vegetables, trees, fruits, herbs is magical. What could be better than having your own garden on the balcony or rooftop of your apartment building!

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How to grow olives and make oil and edible olives. The olive is a blessed tree. It gives us its fruits, leaves and wood. It is no coincidence that according to legend, the Athenians chose it as a gift from the goddess Athena over that of Poseidon.

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Grow fruits

How to grow fruit. Instructions and useful information. Would you like to plant and grow your own watermelons and melons? Or your own strawberries?

Grapes vineyard

How to grow grapes and make your own wine and petmezi. The vine, along with the olive tree, are the characteristic plants of Greece. Both are very productive, hardy and yield products that can be preserved for a long time. Wine and olive oil respectively. From the grapes you can make wine, petimezi, sweets. And from its leaves, everyone’s favorite dolmades!!!

tears of a pruned grape vine

Grape vine pruning

January and February are the months when the pruning of grape vines is usually done….

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How to grow herbs in the garden and in the city. Grow herbs! It’s easy. They are hardy plants. They have great tasting and healing properties. Start with even a small pot. You won’t regret it!


Weeds are a nuisance to many. They want to cut them down and get rid of them. But weeds are much more than that. They are fighters for life. Indicators of the health of the soil. Valuable helpers in the growth of our plants. Learn about weeds.


Nettle, a useful weed

Nettle is a useful weed, although very misunderstood. Perhaps because it has been associated when…

Ornamental plants

Flowers and ornamental plants are the salt and pepper in the garden. We use them for decoration and because they create beautiful emotions. They give, colour, shape, beauty to the garden or balcony.

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Soil is the base on which plants grow. It is a complex system of nutrients, pH and micro-organisms. Learn how to enrich it with nutrients (NPK – Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium). Learn about fertilizers, manure and their use.

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Gardening experiences

The garden and what happens in it, constantly surprises us. We record the experiences.

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People and garden

Useful articles about the garden, plants and their effect on humans.

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Know your farmer

Stories by and for professional farmers. The people who produce the vegetables, fruits, herbs, vegetables that we consume every day. It’s not easy being a farmer.

In the garden

Useful information for works in the garden, the estate, the farm.

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The seeds are valuable. Learn how to save seeds from your plants.

Plant protection

Plants have many pests and diseases that affect them and their production, How can you deal with plant infestations, pests and diseases.


Nettle, a useful weed

Nettle is a useful weed, although very misunderstood. Perhaps because it has been associated when…

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Garden tools and services

How we can make our life in the garden easier by using special equipment and products. But also simple recipes with everyday ingredients we have in our garden. You may find clever ideas.

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Recipes to cook what we made in the garden. Food to share with friends and acquaintances.

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