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Opportunities for Garden Businesses

Learn how you can use KALLIERGO to increase your sales! Simple! Economically! Effectively! For a long time!

Do you own a business related to garden or agriculture? Do you own a nursery shop, a garden center? Are you an agronomist? Are you involved in garden maintenance, landscaping, landscape architecture? Are you a supplier of equipment such as tools, fertilizers, soil, manure, pesticides, equipment? Are you involved in home maintenance, insulation or construction? You should be interested!

You can leverage KALLIERGO in two simple and effective ways to get your business noticed:

a) Guest Posting with Backlinks

b) By adding your business to the Garden Business Directory (Appear on the first page of Google!)

We don’t suggest banner ads. We suggest the most effective form of promotion! Guest Posting with Backlinks!!!

What does this mean in simple words?

You can post articles on KALIERGO related to your business, articles with useful tips about garden, crops, plants, ornamentals, products, equipment, etc. This is called Guest Posting and is one of the most effective forms of advertising and promotion. Much better than traditional PPC advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Guest Posting lasts forever! Advertising on Google Ads and Facebook Ads stops paying off as soon as you stop paying!

Articles will contain one or more links to your site. This is called backlinking. Backlinks from recognized sites such as KALLIERGO, are what entrepreneurs are looking for. This is because they make their business appear higher in the search engines (SERP: Search Engine Result Pages) than their competitors. And who doesn’t want to appear high in the search engines? Everyone wants to appear high in the search engines!

Contact us to see how easy it is!

The advantages of Guest Posting on KALLIERGO

1. Your articles on KALLIERGO will be read by thousands of people

Your articles in KALLIERGO will be read by thousands of people interested in gardening and growing plants. In other words, you are directly addressing a specialized audience. The audience you are interested in!

People are hungry for accurate information, as the online survey we’ve conducted proves. See for yourself the results in “Survey results: Nurseries, farm shops and consumer behavior“.

2. Guest Posting on KALLIERGO increases your valuable backlinks

Posting articles on KALLIERGO increases backlinks to your business site. As your article will contain one or more links to your business site. This is very important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And others pay a lot for this.

3. Guest Posting on KALLIERGO increases Domain Authority for your site

What is Domain Authority (DA)? Simply put, Domain Authority (DA) is one of the important parameters that search engines take into account in order to choose the order in which your site appears in the search results (SERP: Search Engine Result Pages).

By publishing articles on KALLIERGO, you increase the Domain Authority of your site and improve the ranking in the organic search results. That is what all businesses are looking for!

4. Guest Posting on KALLIERGO gives you high quality traffic

Posting articles on KALLIERGO is seen by many people who are genuinely interested in gardening, growing, repairing, building. So unlike other methods of advertising and promotion where you spend money almost blindly, here you are targeting exactly the audience who are your potential customers. Through backlinks, you will get high quality traffic to your business site.

5. Guest Posting on KALLIERGO increases the visibility of your business

The recognizability of a business is the ability of a business to stand out from the competition. To make a prospective buyer recognize the business name over competitors.

Using KALLIERGO you can instantly communicate with your target audience. Target prospective customers for services and products. Make your business stand out.

6. Guest Posting on KALLIERGO will give you prospective customers

One of the great advantages of posting articles on KALLIERGO is the quality of the prospective customers you will attract to your site.

But you, on your part, should also publish useful articles that pique the interest of the audience and prospective customers.

So you need to publish interesting articles. This is the only secret of success!

7. What categories of businesses are we targeting?

Guest posting on KALLIERGO is ideal for businesses such as:

  • Nursery shops
  • Garden Centers
  • Agronomists
  • Garden Maintenance Centers
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Garden Landscaping
  • Garden Tool Suppliers
  • Garden Equipment Suppliers
  • Garden Resources Suppliers
  • Seeds, Seedlings, Bulbs
  • Grape Vines
  • Bare-root and potted trees
  • Flowers, Ornamentals
  • Fertilizers (organic, biological and chemical)
  • Manure
  • Pesticides
  • Maintenance of houses and buildings
  • Insulation
  • External structures (e.g. pergolas, sheds, garden houses, construction, etc.)

How can I publish articles in KALLIERGO?

Please contact us.

If you don’t feel comfortable writing articles, we can help you or even prepare articles for you based on your guidelines.

Add your garden business to the Business Directory of KALLIERGO

Garden Business Directory is a real tool that is used every day!

Add your business to the Business Directory.

Unlike other general purpose business directories, the advantage is that here you are directly addressing an audience interested in gardens, plants, crops, garden maintenance, construction, repairs.

The Nursery Shops Directory of KALLIERGO appears first, on the first page of Google, in Greece!

The Business Directory, features a sophisticated search system, lots of business information and a Google Maps view.

The information included in the directory for a business is:

  • Name
  • Detailed description
  • Main Photo
  • Photo Gallery
  • Address
  • Location on Google Maps
  • Telephone numbers
  • Mobile phone
  • Email
  • Business website web address (URL)
  • Facebook page
  • Instagram page
  • Twitter page
  • Page on Pinterest
  • Business Category
  • Services provided
  • Products provided
  • Plants to find
  • Sale Type Category (Wholesale/Retail)
  • If targeted to professionals
  • Meta Data (Meta Data)
  • Search engine friendly URL

How do I add the business to the Business Directory?

Please contact us.

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