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March-April. Gardening Calendar


March-April Works in the Garden. March and April are the first months of spring. We have a lot of work to do in the garden!

Vegetable Garden


  • Pruning the new vines
  • Bending and tying the new vines
  • Watering in areas where there is rainfall
  • Sprinkling to protect the eyes
  • Sprinkling for powdery mildew
  • Sprouting

Trees, shrubs and climbing trees

  • Around the end of April we do the first light mowing of the borders
  • Take care to water all recently planted plants
  • Water only if the water from the rains is insufficient
  • Remove flowers that have finished flowering
  • Regularly remove stems and stunted shoots from the neck of trees and shrubs

Perennial herbaceous plants

  • We clean the geraniums
  • Propagate by cuttings
  • Plant, fertilize and trim chrysanthemums
  • Fertilize carnations

Seasonal and Coniferous

  • Sow for summer or autumn flowering
  • Plant bulbs for summer or autumn flowering
  • Planting ready-made plants

Turf, Sod

  • Start mowing
  • Start fertilizing
  • Supplementary sowing in the areas where the turf has been damaged
  • Install new turf


  • We transplant where necessary
  • Fertilize with slow release formulations


  • Digging
  • We weed
  • Inoculate
  • Prune
  • Watch for infestations of pests and diseases

Ecological gardening

  • We uncover the compost and stir it unless there is a chance of rain
  • Utilize pruning residues

Acidophilous plants

  • Remove dry branches
  • We administer iron (shavings, nails, special preparations)
  • Transplant
  • Water regularly and moisten with rainwater or deionised water
  • Propagate gardenias and hydrangeas with cuttings

Cacti and succulents

  • Start watering
  • We start fertilizing
  • Propagate with cuttings and sowing
  • Transplants
  • Watch for insect infestations
  • We sow


  • Remove dead leaves
  • We can start transplanting the indoor species


  • We prepare the pond for spring and summer

NOTE: Please read carefully. Please read carefully. There may be variation due to microclimate or climate change. Please consult your agronomist.

Source: Garden & Garden Book. Garden and Veranda – Taxiarchis Andritsopoulos, Nikos Thymakis – Publications Ath. Stamoulis


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