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How to benefit using KALLIERGO

Effective Promotion for Businesses

For: Nursery stores, Garden centers, Agronomists, Garden maintenance services, Garden tools suppliers and manufacturers, Merchants and manufacturers of garden suppliers, Home decoration and restoration businesses.

1. Business Directory for Garden related Businesses

List your business in the Business Directory for gardening related businesses and nursery stores.

2. Publish Articles (Guest Posting with Backlinks)

Publish: Informational articles with tips and advice for plants and gardening. Promote products, tools, and services for gardening and agriculture. Promote products and services for home decoration, restoration and home improvements. This is called Guest Posting and is one of the most effective methods of advertising. Articles will have backlinks to your business websites. Backlinks are one of the most important means for high ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Rank higher than your competitors.

Tips and Tricks for Gardening and Plants

For amateur gardeners and crowers

Free: Tips and with practical help articles for gardening, plants, growing vegetables and fruits. Informational articles for gardening tools, products, supplies and suppliers.

You will find: Pieces of advice and guides on how to grow food in the garden or in urban areas. Information about plants, diseases, pests. Articles about gardening equipment, tools, and supplies. All with free access.

Connect with businesses: Learn what garden related business are offering. Read about products, tools, equipment, plants.

Talk, Comment, Publish!

For agronomists, nursery store owners, tools and fertilizer suppliers, home decoration and home restoration, etc.

Participate: Are you an experienced or new gardener? Are you an agronomist? Do you grow vegetables, herbs, fruits in urban areas? Do you like taking care ornamentals? Are you interested in decoration and house repairs?

Become a member for free and participate to forum discussions. Ask questions and get answers. Send your articles for publishing.

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