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How many years do fruit trees live?

In this article you will find information about the life span of fruit trees in years and after how many years they start to produce fruit. You will find information about: Almond tree, Pear tree, Apricot tree, Damask tree, Olive tree, Citrus tree (Lemon, Orange, Mandarin), Walnut tree, Cherry tree, Cherry tree, Pine tree, Cinnamon

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Green peach aphid

Green peach aphid

Green peach aphid attacks many crops, such as beets, potatoes, beans, peach trees, tomatoes, almond trees, plum trees, nectarines. The main preferred host is the peach tree. It is a polyphagous and cosmopolitan species. Scientific name: Myzus persicaeOther name: Greenfly, Peach-potato aphidGreek name: Πράσινη Αφίδα της Ροδακινιάς Damage Green peach aphids form colonies on the

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