Πως Φυτεύω Γυμνόριζα Δέντρα

How to plant bare root trees

“How do I plant bare root trees?” a friend asked me the other day. Suitable bare root trees for this kind of planting are woody fruit trees and ornamental deciduous trees, such as: Almond trees, Peach trees, Cherry trees, Pear trees, Constantine Acacia, Linden (Linden) trees, Mulberry trees, Maple trees, etc. These are the trees […]

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Ιανουάριος Εργασίες στον Κήπο

January works in the garden

January is a quiet month in the garden. We can’t offer much to our gardens or fields. However, there are some things we can do, either to protect against the cold and frost, or because it is the season to do some cultivation or planting. Also, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the

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