Σπιτικό κρασί - οίνος 2020 - Μετάγγιση

Homemade wine – Greek wine 2020

Today I transferred the homemade wine – wine 2020 from the stainless steel container where the must (after alcoholic fermentation) became wine, to the stainless steel storage and sealing container. Two pegs were valuable helpers. Making homemade wine almost every year. This year I had a small production of grapes. Most of the grapes had […]

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Grafting Vines to Change Variety

In the cottage my father had put a lot of wine grapes that he had brought from the Cyclades, Greek islands. Wine grapes produce grapes that are essentially suitable for the production of wine. In the small vineyard, among the vines, he had also put in some table grape varieties that produce delicious, sweet and

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grafting a grapes vineyard

Grafting grape vines

Why graft a grapes vineyard? Why are we grafting a grapes vineyard? We graft a grapes vine to change its variety. We take advantage of the fact that the rootstock (old vine) has an established and healthy root system. Personally, I searched for this information on grapes vine grafting because I wanted to get rid

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Powdery mildew of grapes

Powdery mildew of grapes

Powdery mildew of grapes is one of the most serious diseases of the vine and is widespread in all wine-growing regions of the world. The disease was first described in North America, while in Europe it appeared in 1845. In Greece, where vines are grown, the disease is known by many common names (Στάχτωμα, θειαφασθένεια,

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