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Grafting grape vines

grafting a grapes vineyard

Why graft a grapes vineyard?

Why are we grafting a grapes vineyard? We graft a grapes vine to change its variety. We take advantage of the fact that the rootstock (old vine) has an established and healthy root system.

Personally, I searched for this information on grapes vine grafting because I wanted to get rid of a grape variety that is very susceptible to powdery mildew.

I wanted to replace it with another variety of edible grapes that is not affected by powdery mildew at all.

How to graft a grapes vine?

Briefly, the steps are as follows:

  • Cut the old vine’s trunk half a foot above the soil.
  • Clean the vine’s trunk from the outer old layers.
  • Prepare the scion with buds from the grapes vine we want to reproduce.
  • Make 2 T-cuts in the trunk of the vine.
  • Place the 2 buds on the vine.
  • Tie tightly the buds so they have a good contact.
  • Make a few cuts in the bottom of the vine to get rid of excess sap and keep the buds from being rejected.

What is the right time to graft a grapes vine?

The right time to graft a grapes vine is a few weeks before the buds open. Usually that is, end of February to beginning of March.

Videos about grafting a grapes vine and vineyard

These are some very helpful videos that describe in detail various techniques for grafting a grapes vine.

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Video: BEST grafting technique when GRAFTING GRAPEVINES | 100% success rate with healthy stocks and scions

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