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How many years do fruit trees live?

In this article you will find information about the life span of fruit trees in years and after how many years they start to produce fruit. You will find information about: Almond tree, Pear tree, Apricot tree, Damask tree, Olive tree, Citrus tree (Lemon, Orange, Mandarin), Walnut tree, Cherry tree, Cherry tree, Pine tree, Cinnamon

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Penicillium fruit rots

Penicillium fruit rots

Penicillium fruit rot is a postharvest rot that causes very severe damage (up to 100%) to citrus, apple, vine and vegetable crops. Additional damage is also caused by ethylene produced by the pathogenic fungi, which, because it increases fruit respiration, reduces the lifespan of healthy fruit in the same storage area as the affected fruit.

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Citrus flat mite

Citrus flat mite

In Greece, citrus flat mite first appeared in 1982 in the area of Tirnavos and from there it spread rapidly to all the vine-growing regions of Greece. Scientific name: Brevipalpus lewisiGreek name: Καστανή εσχάρωση – ακάρεα Citrus flat mite apart from the vine it attacks orange, lemon and various ornamental plants. Damage This mite can

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