I grow spinach

I grow spinach in the garden

How do I grow spinach? Spinach is an easy-to-grow vegetable. It can be grown in the garden and on the balcony. Spinach is sown from early September to early February. Spinach is a cold-hardy plant. It needs low temperatures to thrive. Spinach is grown in a wide variety of soils, but sandy loam is the […]

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Beet leaf miner damage

Beet leaf miner

Beet leaf miner mainly attacks spinach, beets, but also other plants of the Chenopodiaceae family (eg Amaranthus). Scientific name: Pegomya hyoscyamiOther name: Spinach leaf minerGreek name: Φυλλορύκτης των Τεύτλων Damage Grey, translucent areas appear on the leaves. Often between the epidermis of the upper and back surfaces of the leaf, larvae can be seen inside

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