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Lettuce and Onions in Autumn

Autumn (September, October, November) are the months when we plant lettuce and onions in the garden. You can find lettuce seedlings at nurseries and farm supply stores in your neighborhood. Lettuce To plant lettuce, dig a small hole by hand. Place the lettuce seedling inside and dig it in. Press the soil so that it

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Stem nematode damage

Stem nematode

Stem nematode is found on various cultivated and native plants. Scientific name: Ditylenchus dipsaciOther name: The stem and bulb eelworm, Onion bloat (in UK)Greek name: Νηματώδης Στελεχών και Βολβών Damage Affected plants show delayed growth and severe dehiscing. The seedlings at the base show bulb-like lumps and the leaves curl, twist or are completely deformed.

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