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How to Braid Onions and Garlics Before Storing to Last Longer

Πως Κάνω Πλεξούδες τα Κρεμμύδια και Σκόρδα

Learn how to braid the onions and garlics you grow in the garden to make them last longer.

Braiding onions and garlics is an old practice. Braids of onions and garlics are easy to handle, store in a dry place in a warehouse. Braids provide good aeration and prohibit garlics and onions to rot.

To make braids, you will need at least 13 onions/garlics. The braiding technique described can be used on onions and garlics.

Cut the whiskers (roots) from the onions/garlic into lengths of about 2,5 to 3 cm. Remove and clean off any remaining soil.

Step 1

Πλεξούδες Σκόρδα Κρεμμύδια Βήμα 1

Begin the braid, using the three largest onions/garlic.
Place one onion/garlic on top and the other two onions/garlic to the right and left and a little further down.

Step 2

Πλεξούδες Σκόρδα Κρεμμύδια Βήμα 2

Take the leaves from onion/garlic A and fold it under and around the bulbs of onions B and C (see photo).

Carefully tighten the leaves and place them back in their original direction.

This way you have made a “knot” at the base of the braid.

Step 3

Πλεξούδες Σκόρδα Κρεμμύδια Βήμα 3

Take an onion/garlic and place it on top of and in the middle of onions/garlic A, B and C.

Align the leaves of the new onion/garlic with the leaves of onion/garlic B.

Now you should again have three bundles of leaves.

Knit the three bundles of leaves together (twice), just as you would knit the hair.

Make sure the knitting is tight.

Step 4

Πλεξούδες Σκόρδα Κρεμμύδια Βήμα 4

Add two new bulbs. One on each side of the braid.

Align their leaves with the two outer leaf bundles.

Braid the three leaf bundles together (twice), just as you would braid the hair.

Step 5

Πλεξούδες Σκόρδα Κρεμμύδια Βήμα 5

Following the instructions in steps 3 and 4, continue to add one onion/garlic, then two onions/garlic, until you have used all the onions/garlic.

The top of the braid, should end with only one onion.

Finish the braid by tying the last few leaves tightly in a loop.

Now you’ve learned how to braid the garlics and onions you grow in your garden so you can preserve them for a long time!


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