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The County of Greece LIVES, Athens (the capital) is DYING

Η επαρχία ζει η Αθήνα ασθενεί

Today I watched for the umpteenth time the beloved show “Weekend with Manesis” in Greek TV. Also every day I watch the catchy ERT’s (National Greek Television) shows.

The conclusion is one

The county in Greece is producing, claiming, dreaming, producing, exporting greatness. And it has fun!

On the other hand, Athens (Greece capital city) is ailing. It cannot produce. It can only provide services. It is depressing.

And one of the greatest psychopathologies of the majority of the modern Greek is that it does not produce! It does not create! It does not experience the joy of creation!

The inhabitants of the countryside have much more opportunities and possibilities to produce. To win. To live well and be happy.


Not everything is easy in the county. Don’t get me wrong.

Nor do profits and successes come without effort, study, effort and planning. Nothing is given away to anyone.

But for those who are willing to put in the work and produce, the truth is that they have many more options available to them.

Do you want to be the fields? Do you want it to be the horizon? Do you want it to be tradition? Do you want it to be the climate? Do you want it to be the favorable legislation? Do you want it to be the personal relationships?

Athens – And other major cities in Greece

On the other hand, what really productive can a resident of Athens or another major city in Greece can do?

Farm on a large scale he cannot. If he is lucky and has a country house or balcony, he can trick his creativity there.

He cannot set up a simple production unit next to his house.

To claim subsidies as if he lived in the countryside he cannot.

He is forced to lose many hours and good mood just to get to and from work.

He sees no horizon. He sees no sky. He sees no stars at night.

The only way out is to provide services without real production of tangible assets.

It has no joy of creation. The joy of production. The joy of manufacturing.

And this, inevitably, leads him to various forms of depression.

Even if he is considered “successful”, the price is high on a personal, psychological, family level…

Concrete made megacities are a sick environment presented as a paradise and a model so that those who live in them do not rebel.

Life Otherwise – The TV show

And I borrow an excerpt from Ina Tarantou’s show “Life Otherwise” on ERT Greek TV. Ina Tarantou is a well known journalist and presenter in Greece.

The journalist is in Karpathos (Greek islanad) and talks to a fisherman. He tells her a story about an offer he had when he was 25 years old from a Greek expatriate man to leave Greece and go to America:

– “You will come to America” the expatriate tells him, “you will work, you will work hard. You will make a lot of dollars. You will do business! And when you reach 60, you will return to Karpathos island, you will get a boat and you will fish in peace”.

– And the young Greek says to him, “But don’t you see? I’m 25 years old, I live in Karpathos island in Greece, I have the boat you’re talking about and I’m fishing! Why would I come to America to do all that when I will be 60 years old?”


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