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Plant characteristics

Plant Type:

  • Vegetables
  • Annual

Sunlight Requirements (where to plant related to sun)

  • Full Sun
  • Full Sun or Partially Shade

Soil Type (type of soil plant needs)

  • Soil with Drainage but Wet
  • Wet Soil

Climate Type (how tollerant is to frost?)

  • Withstands Frost

Fragrant Plant (do flowers have an aroma?)

  • No Fragrant Flowers

Difficulty Level (how hard is to cultivate this plant?)

  • Easy

Showing Season (which months can we sow seeds)

  • August
  • September

Planting Season (which months can we plant or transplant)

  • August
  • September
  • October

How to grow Broccoli

Broccoli is a delicious vegetable. They are a natural source of vitamin C and beta carotene. They are very low in calories so they are often found in diets.

Other names for broccoli

Latin name: Brassica oleraceae. Brassicaceae Family
Greek name: Μπρόκολο (single), Μπρόκολα (plural)

For information on growing broccoli, see also this article: How to Grow Broccoli.

Tips for growing broccoli

How to start broccoli from seeds

You can sow broccoli from June to September. You can plant broccoli seeds, directly in the garden, or in a nursery and then transplant.

Choose a part of the garden that gets a lot of sun.

The planting depth should be 0.5 to 1 cm.

Put 3 to 4 seeds in each spot. When they germinate, thin out, keeping the strongest seedling.

For continuous harvesting, sow every 15 days.

Sowing distance for broccoli

Broccoli are plants that need space. Make sure the spacing between plants is at least 60 cm. If you plant broccoli at short spacing, then you will get small and weak broccoli.

Transplanting broccoli seedlings

When the seedlings have 4 to 8 actual leaves, it is time to transplant them to their final location in the garden.

Seeds – Nursery

Start sowing broccoli seeds in the nursery in late July or early August. As broccoli is a winter plant. Take care to keep nursery in a low as possible temperature.

Transplanting broccoli seedlings

Broccoli seedlings can be transplanted at the end of August.

Best soil for broccoli

Broccoli needs soil rich in organic elements. Enrich the soil with compost or other organic fertilizer.

Broccoli needs good watering. But make sure the water doesn’t stagnate and the soil drains.

Harvesting broccoli

You will notice that broccoli develops a large central ‘flower’, but also other smaller ones on the arms.

You should cut off the central flower while the parts that make up the flower are still indistinguishable from each other. Moro over  before starts to develop real flowers.

By cutting off the central flower, you will give the other smaller ones a chance to grow too. Their size is much smaller than that of the central one. Do not expect them to grow in size. But can eat them as easily as the main broccoli flower.

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