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Carrots improve eyesight. Myth or a fact?

Do really carrots improve vision?

Carrots are said to improve eyesight. Is this true or a myth?

To answer that question, let’s go back to the dark years of World War II.

Summer 1940 – Operation Sea Lion

In the summer of 1940, Nazi Germany’s Operation Sea Lion is underway to conquer Great Britain. Already almost all of Europe is under the German occupation.

The Germans have more combat experience from the fronts of Europe and Spain and have more war planes than the British.

But the British (the RAF – Royal Air Force) have a secret weapon at their disposal. The Radio Detection Findings (RDF) system, which later evolved into what we know today as RADAR.

The existence of this secret defensive weapon had to be protected in every way possible.

Covering the truth with a lie

A way had to be found to justify that British RAF aircraft were always where the German aircraft were, wherever they came from and whenever they came.

So a story was concocted by the British intelligence services.

That British pilots had excellent eyesight and could see German planes from a distance because they ate a lot of carrots.

World War II ended, but the myth remains to this day.

The truth is that eating carrots does not improve your eyesight. Carrots are beneficial for your health due to the nutrients it contains. But vision improvement is not one of the benefits.


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