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Tomato support with reeds – Tomatoes, peppers, zucchini – Produced from your garden

tomatoes, peppers, zucchini

How can tomatoes be supported with reeds?

This year’s production in the garden is abundant. Tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis and soon eggplants.

This year I listened to the advice of Sofianos, my agronomist friend, and bought seedlings of tomato seedlings of the “Acorn” variety.

As Sofianos predicted, the production is abundant and without problems.

Bunches of whole bunches of acorn tomatoes are hanging from the tomato plants.

And they are delicious.

Market tomatoes VS tomatoes produced from your garden

If you make the mistake of having market-bought tomatoes on the table (as delicious as they are, and we have to admit the quality in Greek tomatoes has skyrocketed in recent years), comparing them to your own tomatoes grown in your garden is meaningless.

– You’re tasting buyer’s market tomatoes. You say it’s good.

– You taste your own tomato. You say it’s good too. Special taste (we’re almost forgetting the taste of real tomatoes).

– You taste the buyer’s tomato again and exclaim “what kind of straw is this?”.

It’s the moment when you realize the difference between garden and store-bought vegetables. It is the moment when your efforts are justified. It’s the moment when you can be an inspiration for others to try growing their own vegetables.

Supporting tomatoes with reeds in a cage arrangement

Inspiration for this form of support was the video:

στήριξη ντομάτες με καλάμια σε μορφή κλουβιού
Supporting tomatoes with reeds in the form of a cage

I have to admit that I was lazy and made the construction after the tomatoes had grown.

However, it worked well and I am very pleased as I am showing the tomatoes due respect.

I can easily hoe around the tomato plants.

I can water without getting the leaves wet.

Give the tomato plants room to grow without problems.

It took me almost 4 hours to build the reed cage, but it was really worth it.

Reeds is a useful plant in the garden

The reed is a useful plant and in my opinion it should be in every amateur vegetables gardener’s garden.

Reeds will be an economical and practical way to make many structures and supports in your garden.

Reeds tend to claim new territory.

You’ll need to keep it under control if you don’t want to fill reeds everywhere!

You will find the article useful: Reeds or Reed – Under the Soil which describes what reeds look like under the soil and why it takes effort to remove them from the garden permanently.


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