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3 days without access to Internet – Free or captive in the garden?

What is the meaning of life? I do not know. The computers are down.

Suddenly and without my choice, I found myself without Internet for 3 days.

The reason was the change of ISP from Forthnet (Nova) to OTE (Cosmote).

According to the employee at the OTE service point, the change of provider would result in a service interruption for about 2 hours.

In practice it lasted much, much longer. It lasted 3 days. 3 days without access to Internet.

First reaction was… Panic

At first, the reaction was panic. For the last 20 years, I’ve had daily access to the Internet. My work depends on the Internet. Access to information depends on the Internet.

I’m not one of those people who use the Internet to connect to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. I use the Internet as a tool for my work.

My work is done through the Internet and the Internet is my work.

Next reaction was… Acceptance

By the end of the first day, I had accepted that I would have to prepare and survive without the valuable resource of accessing the Internet.

I would have to see what I could do utilizing the data I have stored on my computer.

I should use the time to re-read PDF documents, on topics that were of concern to me, that I had on my computer and hadn’t read in a long time.

At the same time I found free time to get back to gardening and plants without stress.

Without the stress of checking email. Without the stress of constantly updating. Without the time wasted on irrelevant topics that you get trapped while browsing the internet.

Finally… Making the most out of my free time

Suddenly I realized that I have gained free time to do more “earthly” activities. The normal ones, that is.

I tilled the soil around the plants. I sprayed the plants with wet sulfur.

I pulled out weeds.

I spent time on how to plan the future shape of my garden.

I talked to the neighbors and they bought me coffee. It’s been a long time since we’ve talked, even though we’re so close.

I built a shelf using old materials.

My wife and I went for a walk.

One more observation

I told you earlier that I’ve read PDF documents I had saved on my computer.

These contained information about programming languages (e.g. JavaScript and Python).

To my surprise I noticed that without Internet access the study had a better outcome.

Without having access to the Internet (a huge library of information, but also other “weeds” that distracted for a long time), I focused on only the “minimum” in front of me and nothing else.

100% of my attention went to the only information I had access to. Nowhere else!

I recalled the time when I learned a lot about computers and their technologies by simply having access to books that I bought from local bookstores in Greece.

You only had one book in front of you. And you learned well what the book said. You had no interference.

Quality before quantity (Ουκ εν τω πολλώ το ευ)

And so, on the occasion of a problem, I rediscovered the wisdom of “Ουκ εν τω πολλώ το ευ”, translated in English as “Quality before quantity”.

The huge information provided by the Internet becomes no information at all.

From being a tool, it easily turns into a siren calling you to deviate from your goal.

And I speak as someone who is a professional who theoretically has more stamina.

I don’t want to imagine what the relationship is for those who see it simply as a means of communication and entertainment.

The begin and the present status of Internet

The TCP/IP communication protocol on which the Internet is based, was developed during the Cold War era by DARPA as a defensive weapon in the event of a nuclear attack to ensure uninterrupted communications for the armed forces.

Today, one might well argue that the evolution of the Internet has turned it into a weapon for manipulating, employing and directing the masses.

Thousands of positives from the existence of the Internet and the access to information it provides.

Someone wise said: “Too much information equals no information”.

For 20 years I have been falling into this trap without realizing it. Because for 20 years there was no other benchmark than these 3 days without Internet.


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