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Compost shredders. Useful tools for the garden and for better composting

Compost shredder

Compost shredders are tools (electric or gasoline powered) with which you can shred organic garden waste and use it in compost, to produce spreading fertilizer or as wood chips for fertile soil.

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In practice, you can use a compost shredder to cut the pruned branches into very small pieces or to cut into small pieces plants that have completed their cycle.

You can then use the shredded organic material as primary material for compost production or to spread in the garden (mix directly with the soil) as a spreading fertilizer.

Without the use of a compost shredder, the cuttings resulting from pruning are a difficult material to manage. Their most common way to get rid of them is by burning and loss of all other valuable uses.

With the use of a compost shredder nothing is wasted. You can have a complete recycling of organic materials.

What is the cost of a compost shredder

On the market you will find electric and gasoline powered compost shredders. Their prices start from about 200 Euros and go up to several thousand Euros.

Apart from the cost, I value that a compost shredder is a must have tool for every serious gardener.

Its cost will be compensated by the fertilizer through composting that will help you make.

But apart from that, will make you fill better as you will be make the best and most use of what others treat as garbage and trash.

Choosing a compost shredder

What should you pay attention to when choosing a compost shredder?

  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Maximum diameter of the branch to be shredded
  • Noise level (low speed = low noise, high speed = high noise)
  • Suit the needs you have on your property/garden
  • Safety features

Where can you use the shredded branches in the garden?


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