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Planet of the Humans the movie: Are Renewable Energy Sources (Wind Turbines, Photovoltaics, Biomass) the solution? Why are investment funds investing in Renewable Energy and using environmental organizations to manipulate public opinion?

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Are renewable energy sources (wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, natural gas, biomass) really green solutions and will they save the planet from climate change?

To what extent can wind turbines and photovoltaic panels provide enough electricity?

Are some environmental organisations serving big interests and being used to manipulate public opinion by spreading deliberately misleading messages?

Why are politicians and states in favour of renewable energy sources (RES) when they cannot really sustain civilisation as we know it?

Are they victims of deception or do they serve profit-driven organizations?

Why is it that when you burn oil or lignite to produce electricity it is bad, but when you destroy forests, you call it biomass and it is good?

How long do wind turbines and photovoltaics have a lifespan? What is their efficiency? Are their materials recycled or not?

Why do big banks and politicians invest huge amounts of money in green energy?

Are they telling us the truth?

If you are looking for answers to questions about Renewable Energy Sources (RES) such as the above…

If you are looking for answers to questions about Renewable Energy Sources (RES) like the ones above, then you should watch the film “Planet of the Humansby Jeff Gibs and Michael Moore. It’s a 2020 film. With Greek subtitles.

Planet of the Humans - Movie
Planet of the Humans. The film with Greek subtitles.

It has created a worldwide sensation.

Because it reveals unpleasant truths about what is really happening with renewable energy and green energy.

It shows how big banks, investment funds and big financial players worldwide are investing in RES, lying to the world.

How major environmental organisations have become the communication instruments of these big financial interests, manipulating and terrorising bona fide people around the world. The aim is to brainwash them into believing that renewables are the only solution to save the planet threatened by climate change.

Because it is not the real solution to humanity’s energy needs, it is presented as such.

We are being lied to about wind turbines

Παλιές ανεμογεννήτριες

We are told that wind turbines are the solution. Lies!

Wind turbines do not produce constant electricity. Electricity production depends on the winds that blow. When they blow.

Wind turbines are not immortal. They have a lifespan of at best 20 years.

Much of the material from wind turbines is not recycled.

The environmental footprint to create a wind turbine is huge.

We are being lied to about photovoltaics

We are told that photovoltaics are the solution. Lies!

Photovoltaics do not produce constant electricity. Electricity production depends on sunshine. A few clouds and power generation plummets.

Photovoltaics have only an 8% efficiency. With full sunshine.

Photovoltaics are not immortal. Every year their efficiency decreases

The majority of photovoltaic materials are not recycled.

The environmental footprint to build a photovoltaic is really huge. Rare earths are required. Exploitation of weak countries in Africa and the Third World.

We are being lied to about biomass

Η Βιομάζα είναι δέντρα

We are told that electricity generation from biomass is a solution. Thousands of factories around the world produce electricity in this way.

But they do not tell us what biomass is.

So biomass is logs of living trees that are felled, crushed and turned into sawdust. But because they are wet and don’t burn, they add treated old car tires to them.

The biomass is the sugar beet from Brazil. Huge areas of the Amazon have been deforested to grow sugar beet. Before harvesting, they are set on fire to burn the tops and make harvesting easier. (the photos and heartbreaking announcements we see on social media about Amazon fires). Oh, if only we had known sooner.

Φωτιές Αμαζόνιος Nasa

Biomass is the destruction of our blue planet. And they call it Renewable Energy Source (RES).

They tell us that biomass is green energy because the trees will grow back…

They lie to us about natural gas

They call natural gas green energy.

But natural gas was produced by natural processes millions of years ago, just like oil.

Exactly like oil.

It is used like oil.

It’s just that other economic interests control it and promote it.

We are being lied to about electric cars

In a society that is already having trouble generating enough renewable electricity to sustain what it has…

They want to add the additional consumption of millions of electric cars.

But they don’t tell us where they will get all the electricity that will be needed and for how much.

How many Amazonians do they have to destroy?

And yet all the car companies have caught a fever to introduce electric cars, one after the other. Much more expensive than conventional cars with petrol, diesel, gas engines.

They lie to us about 100% renewable energy and the abolition of thermal power plants

Renewable electricity generation is unstable. At night, production from photovoltaics is lost. The wind is not stable and so is the output from wind turbines.

But we all always want to have electricity. Morning, noon, night. No interruptions and no voltage drops.

In order for cities, households, hospitals, industry to have electricity, there must be permanently running power plants that use fossil fuels or nuclear power.

Otherwise nothing would work as we know it.

Renewable energy would be an obvious failure if there were no thermal and nuclear power plants in operation.

But they are hiding this fact from us. It is not in our interest to know. It spoils the green fairy tale about the success of renewables. And what is the green fairy tale?

The green fairy tale of renewables

The green fairy tale is that green renewable energy sources (RES) will be able to sustain civilisation and human activity as we know it.

Anything not ‘green’ will be demonised. It will be expensive.

Renewable energy will become very expensive.

By the time we know the truth, some people will be very rich. They will use any means they can to manipulate public opinion.

Too much money doesn’t always mean too much intelligence. At some point they will realize that only if they could go to another planet could they enjoy their profits. They will turn out to be rich idiots.

The truth

The needs of humanity are constantly growing. Due to lifestyle and population growth.

The planet has finite natural resources which are being depleted.

The fossil fuels that have provided us with a few decades of frantic progress and improved living standards are running out.

Renewable energy sources as we know them cannot provide the standard of living and subsistence we have.

We will be forced to change our way of life in order to survive. Individually and collectively.


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