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Vine stems for the wood stove – How to make bundles and packages for easy tinder

Δέματα και Πακέτα Κληματόβεργας για τη Ξυλόσομπα 01

After pruning the vines we find ourselves with too many pruned vine stems.

For some people these vine branches are like “trash” and they burn them at the first opportunity.

To me, these vine stems are a great tinder for the wood stove. See what process I follow to create bundles and packages.

Making bundles or packets makes it so much easier for me when I need to use them for tinder on the stove.

The process

We prune the vine from January to March.

After pruning the vine, I pick up the vine stems.

I use a pruning shears to cut them into smaller pieces, usually 10 to 30 cm long. With this length, they can easily fit in the stove and will dry out faster.

Ξερές Κληματόβεργες

I then move them to a sunny place where I let them dry out for several months. The high summer temperatures help with drying.

Once dried, clematis is a very good material with many uses. From heating to baking or cooking food. In modern terminology, it could be called biomass.

I make bundles

Δέματα και Πακέτα Κληματόβεργας για τη Ξυλόσομπα 02

I tie the dry vine stems with string into bundles. This creates small bundles that I can use directly on the woodstove as tinder.

The process takes a little time, but it’s worth it.

A variation of the method I’ve been using lately is this:

Making Packets – newspaper nooks filled with vines

Δέματα και Πακέτα Κληματόβεργας για τη Ξυλόσομπα 01

I make funnels out of old newspaper leaves.

I fill the paper funnels with small dried vines stems (10 cm long or shorter).

I then tie the top with string.

This method has the advantages that it’s easier and quicker to make the bales, but it’s also easier to get them into the stove.

Natural materials throughout the process

For both bundling methods, I use natural materials.

I don’t use plastic twine. I don’t use plastic bags.

The reason is simple.

The ash from the wood stove will be used in the garden. And in no way do I want it to contain dangerous chemicals.


Alternatively, you can do none of the above. Pick up the dry clematis by hand and use them whenever and wherever you need them.

Σακούλα Μαναβικής

Alternatively, you can use paper manatee bags to put the clematis in.

Make use of the pruned vine stems!

Next time you prune your vineyard, don’t treat the pruned vine stems as a problem and “trash”.

Find alternative ways to use them.

Maybe you can make your own bundles and packets of tinder for your stove.


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