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75% of the honey sold in the USA is not honey

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Just because it’s sold as honey, doesn’t mean it’s honey!

A survey conducted in the US by Food Safety News (FSN) revealed that 75% of products sold in the US as honey in grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, fast food, pharmacies, are simply not honey.

The criterion in the survey was the presence or absence of pollen in the products. Honey products that do not contain even a little pollen cannot be honey.

Vaughn Bryant

The research was conducted by Vaughn Bryant, a leading bee palynologist specializing in the detection of pollen in honey and director of the University of Texas Palynological Research Laboratory.

More than 60 products sold under the “Honey” label were tested.

Between 75% and 76% of the products from stores labeled “honey” contained no trace of pollen

The percentage shot up to 100% in products used in fast food outlets.

So what is this fake ‘honey’ made from?

It is difficult to answer this question, as pollen is the key to whether honey is real or not. According to FSN, it is most likely that the majority of the fake “honey” is secretly imported from China and contains antibiotics and other foreign substances.

According to FSN, the lack of pollen in most conventional “honey” products is because they have been over-filtered. This means that they have been subjected to intense heat treatment, passed through very small diameter filters, or deliberately weakened or adulterated before being packaged and marketed as a product.

Over-filtering, and the removal of pollen and other useful substances from honey, makes it medically neutral and neutrally beneficial.

pollen grains
Real honey contains pollen grains

But why is honey over-filtered?

The director of the University of Texas Palynological Research Laboratory Vaughn Bryant tells us that “It’s common knowledge in the honey industry that the main reason honey is super-filtered is to remove pollen residue, because pollen residue reveals where “honey” comes from, and that place is usually China. And they don’t want the consumer to know that.”

Genuine honey is good for your health

Genuine honey is good for health. It helps fight stomach problems, anemia, allergies and other medical conditions.

Processed honey does not do any good!

Processed honey is no different from other sugar products that are bad for your health.




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