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Save the Bees – Why We Must Take Care and Respect Them

Μέλισσα σε άνθος λεμονιάς

The bees were dead around the hive. Thousands of bees dead. Save the bees cried heartbreakingly. You do not understand their usefulness and we are killing them with your reckless practices!

What would you do to the man who would cut down your trees, the reporter asked the farmer?

I would kill him… replied the farmer without thinking twice. Cutting down the trees would be tantamount to a disaster for me…

You understand now what you did to his beehives and how the beekeeper feels because you sprinkled when you shouldn’t have and killed his bees, the reporter told him.

I understand… the farmer replied in a whisper with his head bowed…

The bee is NOT just another annoying insect!

Μέλισσα γονιμοποίηση

Dear reader, read the following carefully and protect bees as much as and where you can.

The bee is an insect that should be watched like the apple of our eye, respected and helped as much as we can.

Thanks to the bee, pollination, flower pollination and therefore the production of the fruit we eat, happens. Without the bee, we would not have a natural and “automatic” way of pollinating the flowers and transforming them into the fruit.

The inspiration for this article is a documentary that aired on Greek’s TV, ET3 channel on March 11, 2011, entitled. Produced by “Mona-Lisa – France 5” and directed by Natacha Calestremé (http://www.monalisa-prod.com/vi/catalogue.php?id=75)

Bees are mainly useful because they collect pollen from flowers and pollinate them. The pollinated flowers turn into the fruits (vegetables, fruits) that we eat.

Secondarily, bees produce honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly.

The pollen to feed the brood. Honey from the nectar they collect to feed themselves, propolis to disinfect the hive and royal jelly to feed the brood destined to become queens.

Protect the bees

Κυψέλη, κελιά με μέλι

You should not spray insecticides and other chemicals on plants when they are in bloom. The flowers attract bees which are poisoned and die.

Do not us insecticides when your plants are in bloom. Save the bees!

Don’t kill the bees unintentionally

I don’t know how much louder I can say it. Respect and protect the bees.

Don’t kill them unintentionally! Don’t spray chemical insecticides, fungicides when your plants are in bloom.

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