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Free Manure in Athens Greece – Attica!

Δωρεάν Κοπριά από Άλογα

I will tell you where you can find free manure in Athens Greece – Attica (from equines – horses, mules and donkeys) and how you can get it for ecological fertilizer and to improve the soil in your garden or pots in the cities, so that you can have great production, strong and healthy plants.

We all know the positive effect of manure as a fertilizer to have large and healthy plants (vegetables, trees, herbs, fruits) and a fertile soil rich in nutrients.

Manure is a natural ecological fertilizer!

It is traditionally used on our vegetable crops, fruit trees, herbs and ornamental plants in our garden.

In addition to supplying plants with nutrients, manure contributes significantly to improving the physical properties of the soil by increasing water retention, aeration and drainage.

However, growing in Athens and Attica, it is not easy to find manure.

Living in an urban or semi-urban environment, we do not have the luxury of having access to paddocks, horse stables, livestock farms, the places where manure is produced. Something that is much easier in the countryside.

So we are forced to buy manure (when we can find it) in relatively small quantities (due to cost), in packages from nurseries or farm shops. Or to buy expensive fertilizers that do not improve the quality of the soil.

But I will tell you where you can find free manure in Athens – Attica!

Where can you find free manure in Greece Athens – Attica for your garden?

You will find free manure for your plants and garden in Athens, Greece at Greek Equine Conservation Society in Markopoulo, Attica. Their facilities are located near the new Hippodrome. It is a non-profit organization that collects and cares for equines (horses, mules, donkeys) from all over Greece.

The horses, mules, donkeys that are cared for at the Hellenic Equine Welfare Society naturally produce manure. A lot of manure. About 1 ton per month.

Ελληνικός Σύλλογος Προστασίας Ιπποειδών

The volunteers of the Hellenic Society for Equine Welfare offer this manure free of charge to individuals and companies, provided they use their own means to collect and remove it.

You can take as much manure as you want for free and use it with spectacular results in your garden, in your field, in your pots in the city!

Equine manure is the mildest manure because all it contains is grass, which is the staple diet of horses. You don’t have to wait for it to digest.

You can use it immediately in your garden or pots.

Useful information about free manure

1. Where is the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Equidae?

The Hellenic Society for the Protection of Equidae is located in Markopoulo, Attica. At the address: 3rd km Myrrinountos road (near the Olympic Equestrian Centre in Markopoulo).

The website of the association is: https://greekhorseprotection.org/. On the website of the club you will also find the map with its exact location. Access is very easy via main roads.

2. Why does the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Equidae give free manure?

The issue is purely practical. The horses that are housed and cared for by the association produce one ton of manure per month. Their benefit is the ease of removing it from their premises. Your benefit is the use in improving your garden, field and city crops. A win-win situation for both parties.

3. How much free manure can I get?

As much as you can collect and transport. Each month, the club’s equines produce about a ton of manure. You can collect and get as much free manure as is available.

Κοπριά Αλόγων

4. Do you need to contact us first?


Before you go to get the free manure, you will need to contact the club by phone: +306979090513. This will also help you and the volunteers to organize the demand and visits.

Ο Greek Equine Conservation Association is accessible to the public on the following days and hours:

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Hours: 08:00 – 13:00 and 16:00 – 21:00 in summer and 16:00 – 18:00 in winter.

5. Can I order the manure and have it delivered to my site?

The simple answer is no. The Hellenic Society for the Protection of Equidae does not have this facility. You need to go yourself and collect the manure.

6. What equipment do I need to bring with me to collect the free manure?

The association recommends that you bring with you leak-proof bags (e.g. for collecting rubble that is durable and stores several litres of manure), a shovel, gloves. Galoshes or makeshift shoes and work clothes will make it easier for you. And of course a good mood!

7. Is the manure from the club’s equines loaded with antibiotics or drugs?

Simply no. The equines housed at the club are rarely given antibiotics or drugs. That is why there is no such issue. The problem that the horses, mules, donkeys cared for at the club have had is neglect and lack of care. Not the diseases.

8. Am I going to have a problem with neighbors with the smell of manure?

No. Horse manure is the most odorless compared to all the others.

You don’t have to wait for it to digest.

It is the mildest manure because all it contains is grass, which is the horses’ staple diet. You can use it and incorporate it directly into the soil.

9. Is horse manure suitable for my garden and plants?


Horse manure stands out from other manures for its composition. Because horse manure contains a high percentage of dry matter (straw), it makes it very effective for improving heavy soils.

It is rich in micro-organisms and straw, so it regenerates humus and improves soil properties. At the same time it ‘lightens’ heavy soils, making it an excellent soil conditioner.

Horse manure contains the ingredients that plants need (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.) and can be used as an organic fertiliser to nourish the soil.

It can be added to compost for composting. Composted horse manure is used in the same way as conventional compost.


Even in Athens – Attica you can find a lot of free horse manure, which is the mildest form of manure.

The Hellenic Equine Conservation Association in Markopoulo, Attica offers one ton of manure for free every month.

Help Us Help Horses - Ελληνικός Σύλλογος Προστασίας Ιπποειδών

A prerequisite is that you have to go and collect it yourself and transport it to your place.

It really is a great opportunity.

You will get free, at no cost, valuable fertilizer and soil conditioner for your garden and the Hellenic Equine Society will be free of manure from the animals it hosts.

A good deal!


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