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How to grow rosemary in pots or window boxes


Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a perennial plant / herb that grows to a height of half a meter to a meter. Rosemary’s leaves are collected from spring to autumn.

It is propagated by seeds, cuttings and offshoots. You can place the cuttings in a pot from January to March.

If you want to start rosemary from seed, you can do so from March to April. Drop a few seeds into a pot or window box and simply cover them with some soil.

You’ll be able to harvest leaves the following year.

Rosemary likes to be in the sun. You should water it no more than twice a week.

If you prune the rosemary well in September, you will help it to sprout in the spring.

Greek name: Δενδρολίβανο.

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