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How to grow thyme in pots or window boxes


Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is a shrub that grows up to 30 cm tall. It is extremely hardy.

Thyme is particularly loved by bees and Greek thyme honey is famous around the world.

Thyme can be propagated by seeds but the method that is better and faster is by transplanting rhizomes.

To sow thyme, spread several seeds on the surface of a pot or window box and pour some soil over them. Water directly and cover the pot with a clear plastic, e.g. wrapping film. This will create a draft greenhouse effect. Place the pot in a warm place. The seeds will germinate in 1 to 12 weeks. When the plants reach a height of 10 cm, you can remove the weaker ones.

To transplant thyme rhizomes, first choose to take them from a mature plant. With the help of a small spade, remove a small section of the plant along with its root and soil around the root. Transplant the rhizome into the pot or window box you want.

Thyme does not have high water requirements.

Greek name: Θυμάρι.

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