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Growing Okra – Recipe for Okras – Okra’s Flower!

Okra flower

There are many things that have impressed me about this plant.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t like okra as food. Maybe because every okra I’ve tasted has been store-bought, frozen, of almost unknown origin and age.

Things changed when I grew okra in the garden for the first time and used it to make my first okra dish.

I have been a fanatic ever since.

There are many things that have impressed me about this plant

  • It is very easy to grow and start from seed.
  • It has an impressive flower.
  • The fruits, the okra, grow very quickly. From flower to harvest, it takes only 5 to 6 days.
  • Okra keeps the grower on his toes. He needs to harvest every second day.
  • If you prepare and cook them properly, they make amazing dishes!!!
  • You can keep them in the freezer for several months and eat them in winter too.


Sow at least 30 to 50 okra plants to get enough production.


The recipe I usually follow to cook okra is the one by Argyro Barbarigou: Argyro’s Okra Latheres. It has never disappointed me.

But there is another suggestion from Zoe Vranikou. Bamias Fried in Porridge.

Tips for growing okra

If you want to grow your own okra, we suggest you check out this article: Growing Okra. Instructions and Tips. Instructions, tips, instructions, tips and instructions. Treatment.

What is your relationship with okra?


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