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The wonder of Mother Earth – The perpetual cycle

Το θαύμα της Γης - Ο Αέναος Κύκλος

Mother Earth was always there, waiting patiently for you to rediscover it.

She was there before you. She’ll be there after you.

Raised your father and mother. Raised your grandparents. Nurtured all your ancestors. Nurtured all those who came before you, so that you can exist today.

Anyone who lives in the village, in nature, might laugh at what I’m saying. He may laugh because for him it is self-evident. Perhaps he will laugh with condescension at me who is now discovering the truth.

In the city, the concrete and tar of the streets has hidden it. It has cut us off from it.

In cities, the concrete and tar has cut us off from Mother Earth. It make us blind.

We enjoy its fruits without wondering how and why.

How did that vegetable, fruit, herb that I buy from the supermarket, local store, or farmer’s market get created? Who made it? Where did it grow? Where did it come from?

Most people, like me a few years ago, had never wondered. Everything was self-evident. I was blind.

The tomato was just a tomato. Parsley was just parsley. The potato was just a potato.

I took it for granted that I’d find them on the shelf. Just like that. I’ll find it on the shelf.

I lived my life without wondering about the basics.

The basics were obvious. What a lie!

I knew nothing and thought I knew everything.

At some point, I began to rediscover the Earth.

I discovered the seeds. I discovered the value of seeds.

I was stunned by the miracle. From such a small, insignificant seed, a whole plant emerges that produces fruit.

Of course, nothing is given to you. You have to work the land. Tend it, dig it, water it, talk sweetly to it so that the little seed will bear fruit.

And after you have eaten the fruits of the earth and grown, the time will come when you will become part of it again, to return what it has given you, so that the cycle of life can continue.

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust…


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