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Psychology and Garden – Mother Earth

Μάνα Γη

Mother Earth, who has been giving everything to man for thousands of years, giving life like the mother who gave birth to us. The sun, the father who in turn offers what the Earth gives and will continue to give because Mother Earth exists.

Together, as an inseparable couple, for millions of years they have coexisted for one purpose, creation.

Thus they created children, boys and daughters, such as rain, wind, seed, winter, spring, ice, dew and much more.

So everything that is born ends in death or temporary death the hibernation as many trees do to awaken in the spring to blossom and bear fruit in the summer to then decline and go dormant again until the next spring awakening.

Man, as a great god, also creates, since he shapes areas, cultivates, tends, waters and other many other activities with the Earth since he is also a child of mother Earth.

The most common thing unfortunately nowadays is to destroy in a few minutes what nature has created for millions of years, but our occupation, however small it may be, even if it is just to take care of a potting soil, helps and contributes to our creation and to continue mother earth to exist.

It also helps our involvement with farming to take care and understand ourselves and our feelings better how many times we put aside bad soil as a bad feeling and put in a better quality soil.

Finally the journey of engaging with the earth has begun and it is a natural remedy to relax, reduce stress, and create ourselves so that we can continue to give joy and hope to our planet.

Spyridon Linardatos


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