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Worm in a dry artichoke trunk

Σκουλήκι μέσα σε ξερό κορμό αγκινάρας

In mid-October, I pruned the dry “stems”, stems from the artichokes.

The artichokes had already started to put out new leaves and grow again.

The stems were dry and “dead”.

Some of the dry artichoke stems were thick and I had a hard time cutting them into pieces for compost.

So I sliced them in half.

And here came the breakthrough!

But inside each one of them was such a big worm.

In every old, dry artichoke trunk, there was a worm!

Watch the video

The worms were between 3 and 5 cm long and about 7 mm thick.

It ate the inner tender part.

The worm was large, white and active. It moved along the tunnel that had been opened.

The tunnel the worm had dug was not small. It was large and ran the entire length of the dry “trunk” of the artichoke.

From the outside, there was no indication that such a large worm was living inside.

I searched to find out what this worm might be called, but could not find reliable information to pass on.


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