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Making paper pots from old newspapers for seed containers

Δοχεία σποράς από παλιές εφημερίδες

We usually sow the seeds to create new seedlings that we will then transplant, in special plastic seed containers.

Why not use old newspapers and make our own seed containers in the dimensions we want?

Newspaper pots for seed containers

We can easily create containers with paper that we can fill with soil and plant seeds in them, which will give us the seedlings that we will plant in the garden.

All we need is:

  • Old newspapers
  • A container for the mould (e.g. a tin can or other cylindrical container)
  • Masking tape (paper masking tape).

Newspaper seed container construction method

It’s very simple to make your own newspaper seed containers!

  • We fold a sheet of newspaper lengthwise so that our container has a “double” wall.
  • Wrap a mold (tin can or other cylindrical container) around the container.
  • Tape the sides and base with the paper tape to make a cylindrical container.
  • Fill the container with a mixture of peat and soil.

Plant the seeds.

Water until they sprout and form large enough seedlings suitable for sowing in the garden.

Advantages of the ‘newspaper seed pot’ method

The newspaper seedling container does not pollute the environment. It is ecological as it breaks down.

The plant develops a healthy and rich root system.

It is an economical way to make our own planting containers.

We can make our own planting containers in the dimensions we want. E.g. large ones for large seeds like giant beans and smaller ones for other crops.

The “container” is easily removed when it is time to remove it and plant the seedling in the soil.

Disadvantages of the ‘newspaper seed pot’ method

Requires time to construct.

It is disposable.

The classic plastic seedling containers

Commercially you will find ready-made plastic seedling containers. The ones used by nurseries.

They have standard dimensions.

If you clean them and keep them in good condition, they can be used for many years.

Their disadvantages are that they are not recyclable (see plastics) and they have fixed dimensions.

With newspaper, make your own seedling containers out of paper

The process is simple.

The materials are simple.

No cost.

So why not make your own newspaper containers to plant seeds and make seedlings for transplanting?

Give it a try! You’ll be amazed at the results!!!


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