Ημερολόγιο Σποράς

Planting Calendar: When to sow and plant vegetables and herbs When I first decided to start gardening and growing my own food, I was lost. I didn’t know anything. And mostly I didn’t know which is the right time to sow and plant each vegetable and herb. I was missing a sowing calendar. I was

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I grow spinach

I grow spinach in the garden

How do I grow spinach? Spinach is an easy-to-grow vegetable. It can be grown in the garden and on the balcony. Spinach is sown from early September to early February. Spinach is a cold-hardy plant. It needs low temperatures to thrive. Spinach is grown in a wide variety of soils, but sandy loam is the

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Καλλιέργεια Κάπαρης - Συμβουλές

Caper plants – Growing tips

Tips for growing caper plants. The caper plant (Capparis spinosa) is a perennial deciduous shrub. Capers, is the immature bud of the plant, which is harvested and preserved as food. Capers are used as appetizers, in salads, or in omelets. Their distinctive flavor makes them a sought-after appetizer or garnish. Their expensive price, however, makes

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