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Olive the blessed tree – Food (olives) – Olive Oil – Wood Chips – Firewood

Ελιά Καυσόξυλα Ξεραίνω Τρόπος

The olive tree is a truly blessed tree.

Every part of this tree can really be used and recycled for our benefit in the garden and at our table.

It gives us food (olives), fertilizer, soil conditioner (olive wood chips) and firewood from its pruned branches.

But it will not be given away to you. You will have to work hard to get everything it has to offer. The olives, the oil, the firewood. For everything you’ll have to work hard. But you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor for a long time.


Συνταγές για να Φτιάξετε Σπιτικές Ελιές

The fruit of the olive tree can be eaten after processing. The well-known olives that accompany so many dishes in the Mediterranean diet. Here are two typical recipes for making homemade olives.

How to Make Homemade Olives

Recipes to Make Homemade Olives

How to Make Homemade Olive Oil

Μάζεμα Ελιάς - Φτιάχνω Λάδι

Of course, it is from the olive tree that olive oil is produced. This unique vegetable oil is a privilege of the Mediterranean diet.

It’s a great way to harvest olives. Costs to pick them and also to care for the olive trees.

But the result is preserved and nourishes us for many months or years.

See Making Oil – From Olive Harvesting to the Olive Press.

Wood Chips – Firewood

The next offering that the olive tree gives us is its branches and wood chips.

We usually prune the olive trees in winter. But what we do with the prunings.

Usually in the villages they do the worst they can. They burn them as unnecessary. But these olive branches hide real treasures.

Wood Chips

Χρήση Wood Chips στον Κήπο (θρυμματισμένου ξύλου) για την Βελτίωση του Χώματος

Proper management is to separate the thick from the fine olive branches.

Use a biorefiner to make the fine branches into wood chips.

Use wood chips in the garden as a means of soil cover and soil amendment or add them to compost to make organic fertilizer.

See Using Wood Chips in the Garden (crushed wood) for Soil Improvement. Benefits, Techniques, Experiences.

Firewood from olive tree branches

You can cut the thicker olive tree branches into small pieces with the help of a chainsaw.

Dry them and use them as firewood.

Olive tree wood is one of the best firewood that gives strong heat and fire.

With a little preparation, you can make olive wood dry out efficiently and quickly.

The key point, is proper ventilation of them. Place them at a distance from the ground so that air can circulate and dry them out.

Κλαδιά ελιάς σε απόσταση από το έδαφος για να γίνουν γρήγορα καυσόξυλα.

It is not by accident

It’s no coincidence that according to a Greek myth, the Athenians chose the gift of the goddess Athena, the olive tree, over the gift of the god Poseidon.

Mythology tells us much about the timeless value and use of the products of the olive tree.


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