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7 Greek Recipes to Make Homemade Olives

Συνταγές για να Φτιάξετε Σπιτικές Ελιές

I have gathered 7 Greek recipes to make homemade olives. Greece, among other great things, is well known for the quality of its olive oil and edible olives.  As you can guess there are so many Greek recipes for edible olives. Such as Kalamata’s olives, xidates, throumbes, tsakistes, pikantikes, xaraktes, stafidotes olives.

Not many years ago (before we entered the Euro), olives were the poor man’s food. Today, the prices of ready-to-eat olives are close to making them a luxury item. Is it time to start making your own olives? As you can imagine, the quality and taste of homemade olives is nothing like the ones you buy ready-made!!!

It is easy to make your own edible olives. Much easier than you think. So it’s worth trying!

Last year, I told you how I made my own olives. You can see the article about it: “Making edible homemade olives“. We still have some of these olives and they are amazing!!!

This year, I have chosen to give you links to recipes on how to make olives in various ways.

Recipe for Kalamata’s olives

ελιές καλαμών λαδο-ξυδάτες

I found the recipe on the Recipes of the Heart blog: http://syntageskardias.blogspot.com/2009/10/blog-post_31.html

Recipe for vinegar olives (xidates)

Ελιές Ξυδάτες

I found the recipe on chef Argyro Barbarigou’s site: https://www.argiro.gr/recipe/elies-xidates/

Recipe for throumbes olives

ελιές θρούμπες

I found the recipe on the Peri Orexeos blog: https://syntagoula.wordpress.com/2010/11/26/ελιές-στο-αλάτι-θρούμπες/

Recipe for tsakistes olives

Τσακιστές Ελιές

I found the recipe on Dimitris Papazimouri’s Cucina fi Caruso website: https://caruso.gr/elies-tsakistes/

Recipe for spicy (pikantikes) olives

Πικάντικες Ελιές

I found the recipe on chef Akis Petretzikis’ website: https://akispetretzikis.com/recipe/915/pikantikes-elies

Another recipe for Kalamata’s olives

I found the recipe on the blog “Mud in the stars “: https://laspistasteria.wordpress.com/2008/11/28/olive-2/

Recipe for stafidotes olives

ελιές σταφιδωτές

I found the recipe on the website “Recipes of Para“: https://cookpad.com/gr/sintages/3071235-elies-staphidotes


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