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Growing lamp for seed starter (a trial)

Lamp for seed starter (a trial)

The need to make a growing lamp for the seed starter.

In the past few days, I started setting up the seedbeds for the new season. Because of the cold weather when we start the seedlings for the spring season, we necessarily have to have them in an enclosed and warm space like a room. In the room, however, there is no natural light (sun). So the problem of lighting has arisen. This year I am using the following seed starter which has a total of 20 positions and dimensions of 280 x 350 mm.

seeds tray - 20 positions - 280x350mm

Initially I used a simple light fixture (portatif) as the light source. Nice as a simple solution, but not satisfactory especially when dealing with more than one seed sterters.

So I decided to make a flexible lighting system that I could adjust over the seed starter.

The construction should be:

  • cheap
  • be made with simple materials
  • be stable
  • be adapted to the dimensions of the seed starters table
  • economical in terms of electricity consumption

I made the construction of the growing lamp support using materials I already had. I used pieces of wood and plywood. The lamp is an economy lamp (8W consumption, equivalent to 100W) that delivers daylight. The lamp and cable were supported with cable ties.

The following pictures describe and show the construction. It is very simple to build, as long as you have the right tools. The tools I used were a jigsaw, a drill, wood drill bits and a screwdriver adapter on the drill.

The total cost of the build was less than 5 Euros.

To complete the seed starter concept, I plan to cover the structure and the seed starter underneath it, with a cover so that no heat (even a little) is lost from the economy lamp.

back side drawing
back side - the construction
top side drawing
top side - the build
left side drawing
left side - the build


The construction contains electrical components. You should seek the assistance of an electrician to ensure your safety if you do not know what you are doing.


The problem with this growing lamp construction is that because there is only one lamp, the seedlings as they grow are oriented towards it.

So the plants that are directly under the bulb grow vertically.

The plants that are in the surrounding positions grow obliquely, trying to “reach” the light source that is in the center.

The ideal design would include more than one lamp or more than one oblong lamp.


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