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Gardening is good for your health

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It is a fact that gardening is an activity that makes many people feel good. But apart from the joy it brings, gardening is also good for keeping the gardener in good physical and mental condition. Gardening is good for your health!

Many of us consider gardening and gardening as a hobby or, in some cases, a necessity.

But there are many who derive great joy and satisfaction from the plants and trees they grow. These people derive joy from watching their plants grow, the birds and butterflies flying through their garden, the wind blowing as it passes through the trees, the flowers blooming, and even the insects and worms that live in their garden.

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Working in their garden has made them happy, low-key people with fewer health problems than those who don’t garden. In other words, being involved in gardening and growing crops helps maintain good health!

Gardening and health

Gardening is one of those activities that brings you in touch with nature and it has long been believed that contact with nature has a healing effect. Many studies have been done on the link between gardening and better health. Almost all of them have come to the same positive conclusions. Gardening is good for maintaining a good physical and mental condition. It also helps to burn calories, as it is a very good form of exercise.

Gardening and fitness


We all know that gardening and gardening means: digging, weeding (removing weeds), watering, hoeing, planting, transplanting, pruning, etc.

Not everyone does the same of each of the above activities, nor with the same intensity. But certainly being physically active for at least 30 minutes of an hour each day is good for our health.

In the case of gardening-related activities, all the major muscles of our body are working and being used. The body’s physical condition and flexibility are improved. Gardening is good for both the respiratory and circulatory systems. It is good for the lungs and the heart.

Recent studies have shown that garden activities (if done regularly) can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and diabetes. Gardening helps to treat insomnia. You get tired and sleep easier!


Gardening helps strengthen the immune system.

Another benefit of gardening is sun exposure (always in moderation). Exposing the skin to the sun helps the body absorb vitamin D.

Those who organically grow their own vegetables and fruits have access to a rich source of natural vitamins that do not contain harmful chemicals. They know what they are eating. They consume fresh foods rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Even the very old can benefit from gardening. They can get involved in watering, mixing soil or compost, filling pots with soil. All of the above helps keep their muscles working.

Attention! None of the above will happen to you if you have outsourced the care of your garden!

Is gardening a good form of exercise?

Certainly gardening is a form of exercise as it requires physical activity. Almost all the muscles of the body are involved when you engage in gardening. You increase the flexibility of the body. You increase your stamina.

Although gardening today is mainly done for pleasure, if practiced regularly for at least 30 minutes a day, it can be considered a form of mild exercise.


If you even manage to limit the use of mechanical means, so much the better. Easy to say, hard to do… Some of the garden activities, (especially the intensive ones), help burn calories and slim down. According to experts, a moderate to moderately difficult garden activity helps us burn 300 calories in an hour. Intensive activity for an hour leads to burning 600 calories. Mowing the lawn for 1 hour burns 360 calories. you also burn 360 calories in an hour if you are engaged in transplanting trees, shrubs or weeding (removing weeds). The above values are indicative as they depend on age, gender and intensity of activity. Always consult your doctor before starting high-intensity activities!

Mental health benefits of gardening

We talked about the benefits to our physical fitness from gardening. But what about our mental health?

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Studies have shown that engaging in gardening and growing crops can take away depression, anxiety and stress to a very large extent. Those of you who have been involved in farming already know this. Your inner clock is tuned to the rhythms of nature. The natural rhythms that have nothing to do with the stressful rhythms that are imposed on us. Especially for those who live in cities or work in highly competitive environments, the benefits are immense.

People who garden and grow or care for plants are calmer, less stressed. This supports the view that nature has healing powers that help people overcome stressful situations.

According to a prominent environmental psychology scientist, watching nature is identical to meditation.

It makes people forget everything and feel calm. As you watch a plant or tree grow, as you smell a flower, as you pick grass, as you prune, as you plant, all your senses, all your thoughts are focused on it. All suffering and bad thoughts come second. You calm down!

Today, healing schools have developed based on working with the garden and nature.

The garden is the place where we can relax, feel happy and complete. As we engage in gardening, we forget our worries and feel at peace, part of nature. There is no need for stress. Calm and again calm.

What if I don’t have a garden?

Even if you don’t have a garden, get pots and put plants in them. Flowers or vegetables. Deal with them. Observe how they change over time. Learn about them. Tend to them. Get as much as you can so they can have company too.

They will change many things in your life for the better.


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