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Santorini tomato – The importance of soil in growth and size

Ντοματάκια Σαντορίνης - Διαφορά μεγέθους

The photo shows two Santorini tomatoes, from tomato plants that have come from the same seed.

We all know that Santorini tomatoes are generally small in size, they are very tasty, they are hardy, they are shaped like small pumpkins.

And yet the photo shows 2 Santorini tomatoes with an obvious difference in size. The one on the left is very large in size. The one on the right is the “normal” size.

What is the difference in size due to?

The Santorini tomato on the left (the large one) comes from tomato plants planted in a place rich in organic matter (see old manure) that had not been cultivated for years.

The one on the right, comes from a plant that was planted in a place that is regularly cultivated and simply added manure when preparing the soil before planting.

And that’s not all. The Santorini tomato seedlings that produced the large tomatoes were planted in this spot, 1 month after the plants planted elsewhere in the garden!

The organic matter rich and fertile soil helped the tomato plants to grow extremely fast and become large, lush and give extremely large fruits.


The quality of the soil is of great importance to the final result in the crops.

A well-drained soil, rich in organic matter and nutrients, makes a difference in yield.

So when something is wrong with your crops, one of the things you need to look at and fix is where you planted your plants and the quality of the soil.


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