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Sunflower seed is born from the sunflower flower (sun plant)

Ηλίανθος ('Ηλιος), ηλιόσπορος, άνθη

The sunflowers survived the ants that “loved” them when they were small plants, the winds that wanted to bend them and knock them down. Now it was time for them to bear fruit.

One by one the flowers are fertilized and turn into sunflower seeds.

This is my first time growing sunflowers, so forgive my excitement!

Sunflowers are associated with my childhood summer holidays in Komotini, Greece.

Back then, among the fields of tall cornfields, these big flowers of magical beauty popped up.

Imagine the impression that their huge beautiful blossoms made on me. Tall and inaccessible for the height of a small child,

I looked at them from below in awe, and behind them the summer sun shone out. Surely it is no accident that they were called sunflowers.


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