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Plant a tree in your garden today – Don’t put it off!

Φύτευσε ένα δέντρο σήμερα στον κήπο σου

A Chinese proverb says: “If you want 1 year of prosperity, plant corn. If you want 10 years of prosperity, plant trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, educate the children.” It is no accident that he makes special mention of trees. I imagine he is referring to productive trees that bear fruit for many years.

In order to have as much production from fruit-bearing trees such as orange, lemon, tangerine, apple, almond, fig, fig, tangerine, pear, lotus, olive, cherry, apricot, vanilla, sour cherry, etc. we should have taken care to plant them in time.

Suitable time for planting trees

We cannot plant fruit trees in our garden whenever we want to. Nature has its own rules.

The right time for planting trees is late winter and early spring.

So we have a relatively short window of time in which we can successfully plant trees. Let’s take advantage of it.

A new tree needs time to become productive

New trees begin to produce fruit, usually 3 years after they are transplanted into the garden.

And at first they produce few fruits.

Something you should also be aware of is that in the first few years it is good to leave only 2 to 3 fruits on the tree.

This way the tree will give its strength to grow and become healthy and not to produce fruits.

Good watering in the first year

New trees need good and regular watering, especially in the first year and especially in the summer.

A major reason for failure, is lack of enough watering in the first year.

Make sure new trees are watered regularly so that they develop a large and healthy root system.

Tips for planting trees

Once you have chosen where to plant the new tree, do the following:

Dig a hole 50 cm deep and at least 50 cm in diameter.

Keep the topsoil that is richer in nutrients separate.

Mix the excavated soil with compost and/or manure to enrich it with nutrients so that the tree can find food.

Put the topsoil you removed into the pit first.

Usually the trees come in pots. Remove the tree from the pot and dip the soil ball into water that you have put manure in. This will help the tree’s roots have quick and easy access to nutrients, the first time around.

Place the tree in the pit so that the spot where the ball is located is above the soil.

Make sure that the tree is positioned vertically.

Fill the pit with the soil you have removed.

Lightly tamp the soil so that it comes into contact with the roots.

Water the tree with water. Continue to water regularly, especially in the summer.

Prepare for setbacks. Not all the trees you plant are guaranteed to work.

Plant two or more trees of each species you are interested in. You increase your chances of catching one of them. If they all catch, you’ll have a bigger crop.

Buy the trees from nurseries or grow shops near your area. From nurseries or grow shops that have them exposed to the sun and not under canopies. That way the trees will already be “sun-hardened”.

Keep distances between trees. Today they are small. But tomorrow they will grow a lot. At least 3 to 4 meters between the trees.

Choose trees that suit the soil and microclimate of your area. Not all trees are good for all places. Consult an agronomist, nursery, or nursery shop.

Don’t put off planting trees in your garden. Time goes by fast and you will regret it.


Plant a tree today, this year. It’s easy!

Time flies by and doesn’t wait for you.

The purchase cost is relatively small and the return you’ll get is great.

Plant it for you, for your children, for your grandchildren!

Don’t put off planting a fruitful tree!!!


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Good luck!

The photo in this article is the logo from Plant A Tree Today Foundation.


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