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A way to support climbing pea plants in the garden. An alternative solution

supporting pea plants

Peas are a climbing, expansive plant that holds on to anything it can find to grow and climb. It is important to provide support for peas.

It is only in our best interest as gardeners to give it supports from which it will grab.

From time to time I have tried various methods for supporting peas.

Reeds, sticks, cut branches, horizontal mesh and other simple ways.

This year I was inspired to use something a little more technical.

Pea support with fencing mesh

peas support
Pea Support

What I wanted is a crescent-shaped lattice around the peas.

I chose not to have it be a circle around the pea. If it was a circle, it would be difficult to reach the plant and pick the peas.

But if the grid is in a half circle arrangement (crescent-shaped) around the plant, then the peas can also be gripped and access to the pods can be easy from all sides.

For the construction I used metal fencing mesh, reeds for support and some wire to grip the reed to the mesh. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

I utilized a piece of fencing mesh that I had in my warehouse.

My goal was to make a semicircle with a diameter of 40 cm.

Attention! A nerd demonstration follows.

To find the length I needed to cut the fencing mesh, I used the following mathematical formula:

Length of Mesh = (2 * pi * (Diameter/2)) / 2

For a diameter of 40 cm, the mathematical formula gives us:

Mesh length = (2 * pi * (40/2)) / 2 = 62.80 cm

(pi equals 3.14)

So I cut the fencing mesh into 63 cm sections. As many pieces as the number of pea plants I wanted to support.

I then curved the pieces of mesh so that they were close in shape to a semicircle. Accuracy at this stage is not important.

Before placing the mesh around each pea plant, I dig a trench around them.

I placed the metal mesh and pushed it into the soil as far as I could and close to the plants.

Then I nailed a reed into the soil next to the grid. You guys can use whatever other form of support you have on hand (wood, stakes, metal pipe, etc).

Finally, to get a solid support, I used a metal wire to tie the metal mesh to the bracket.

From here on out, nature will take its course.

pea plants grow in the garden
Pea plants grow in the garden

The peas will rest on the grid, grow, develop and bear pods with delicious peas!


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