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Yellow leaves on broccoli and cauliflower plants

Yellow leaves on broccoli and cauliflower plants

Why do I see yellow leaves on broccoli and cauliflower plants?

The broccoli I had planted were growing normally until a week ago. Then, as you can see in the photos, their leaves started to turn yellow. As the days went by, the yellowing began to spread.

The same phenomenon, occurred on the cauliflowers that I grow next to the broccoli.

Κιτρίνισμα φύλλων σε κουνουπίδια
Yellowing of leaves on cauliflowers

Λεπτομέρεια φύλλου
Leaf detail

The cabbages, also planted in the same area, show no yellowing on the leaves.

I have never seen anything like this before. What is it? Is it a disease or something else?

I did a research on some forums and found the following possible explanations:

Higher than normal temperature for the season. It may be because the temperatures this December (2010) were higher than average for the season. Some say that the leaves turn yellow when the plant is getting ready to produce seed. Although it is still early, the plant has been fooled by the high temperatures and is speeding up its pace.

Overwatering. I don’t think it’s due to this. I irrigate with drippers for only 5 minutes a day. The rest is taken care of by the moisture present (see the dewdrops in the third photo).

Potassium deficiency. I don’t have an opinion on this one. They recommend throwing wood ash around the plants to increase the amount of Potassium in the soil. I’ll give it a try. I’ have nothing to loose.

Have you come across something like that? How do you deal with it?


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