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Sow seeds inside coffee lids – A gardening idea

Sow seeds inside coffee lids

Sow seeds inside coffee lids? What kind of idea is that? Where could something like this be useful?

3 were the problems I had when sowing seeds directly into the soil:

  • to accurately mark the place where the seeds were sown
  • to protect the seedlings in the first stage of development
  • to separate the seedlings from the weeds that will surely grow around them as they are watered together

I think I have found a solution using coffee lids. The lids that they put on top of coffee paper cups when you buy it on the street.

The coffee lids

coffee lids packaging
The packaging. It contains 20 coffee lids and costs just 0.15 Euro

I found them by chance in the AB, Greek supermarket, but you can find them all over the world. The pack of 20 lids, costs only 0.15 Euro. That’s just 0,0075 Euro for each lid.

How we use the coffee lids in sowing

We cut the inside out of the lid in a circular motion
The coffee lid before and after removing the inside

We cut the inside out of the lid in a circular motion with a penknife or sharp knife. Fortunately it is easy because it is very thin and there is a “guide” around the periphery.

Next, place the coffee lid on the soil and press it gently so that it sits firmly in the soil.

We remove some of the soil from the inside.

Drop in the seeds (when sowing, drop in more than one seed and finally keep the strongest seedling).

Coffee lid on soil with seeds sowed inside
Put the lid on the soil and the seeds inside. Pour soil over the top and water lightly

Pour soil over the top and press lightly.

Water lightly.

That’s it! Continue to the next sowing position. Good sowing!

When the seedlings appear and before they get too big, remove the lids and keep them for the next sowing.

Update 1

There is always the unstable factor!

A cat chose to pee near a lid. So as a lady, she tossed the lid aside, dug in the dirt and relieved herself.

I should add colored straws next to the lids which apparently deter cats from getting close.


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