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Garden man


The garden man is not an exceptional kind of person. He is not perfect. He is not sinless. He is not ideal. He does not know everything.

He is a simple man who, under certain circumstances or luck, has rediscovered that the earth is not just to be trodden on or covered with cement. It is not dirt in your shoes and an abomination that you have to get rid of.

And I say rediscover, because that knowledge was once commonplace. In time it was forgotten and for a long time it was only retained by some scriptural types. And by the so-called peasants. The inhabitants of the villages.

The modern man, the city man, found and still finds (at least for the moment) all goods easily in the supermarkets, neighborhood shops and grocery stores. Basically everywhere in the city. Without struggling. All is needed is money to buy and cards to charge.

The priority was to have a good time, to show off, to have fun. A lot of sins he was told were virtues.

His children forgot. They thought tomatoes and potatoes came from… they didn’t know where.

And at some point, something happened to some of them. Something changed. And as if by an epiphany of the Holy Spirit, they rediscovered the lost knowledge.

That the earth produces! That it can sow and cultivate! To plant! To produce its own food! To learn! To grow! To improve! To respect!

That there are seasons. That every day is different and there are many signs of nature. To respect the Sun, the Rain, the Air, the Stars, the Cold and the Heat.

Garden people have found the key to a magical world, a magical book of knowledge, which once opened, they do not want to close it again.

But even if they leave it for a while, the seed has been planted and they will catch it again, to it they will return.

Garden people don’t need to have big gardens and lots of money. It is nice and useful to have access to such resources. But even a pot on a balcony and a few seeds can be the world to them.

And along with the earth, the garden man rediscovers the whole world and asks about everything, not always liking all the answers.

But he’s won a lot, because he’s learned again to ask the… “Why?”


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