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I bake a homemade loaf of bread with a paper mold

Φόρμα για ψωμί από χαρτί - Η Τατιάνα την βγάζει

It’s simple to bake homemade bread. In this article, I’ll show you and alternative technique I use to give the dough the shape of a loaf of bread. I replace metal bread forms with a paper mold to shape the bread loaf.

The only ingredients we need to make homemade bread are:

  • Flour
  • Water
  • Yeast or sourdough starter
  • Salt
  • and optional oil

It’s so simple!

I’ve posted on KALLIERGO two tried and tested recipes that I use to make bread at home.

The breads I make with these recipes last for a very long time. They don’t spoil or get moldy. In fact, as the days go by, they become more and more beautiful and delicious. If you put them in the freezer, they will keep for many months. And when you defrost them, they look like they were made just a few days ago!

The recipes are:

Paper mold to shape the bread like a loaf

After making the dough, you need to let it rise before putting it in the oven.

If you have metal bread forms, put it in them and that’s it.

But what do we do if we don’t have any handy bread forms?

If we just put the dough on a baking sheet to rise, it will spread out and eventually take the shape of a thick pie. Definitely not what we want.

How can we hold and shape the dough as it rises?

The idea came to me suddenly in a moment of desperation.

I got an A4 paper (the ones we use in printers).

I cut it lengthwise in half.

I taped the pieces together with duct tape.

So I made a paper round form. These will be my paper bread form!

I put flour on the baking sheet to keep the dough from sticking.

I placed the paper forms on the baking pan.

Οι φόρμες από χαρτί στο ταψί

I placed the bread dough inside. I sprinkled flour on top and around the top so that as the dough rose, it wouldn’t stick to the paper. I let it rise for a couple of hours.

Τοποθετώ τη ζύμη μέσα στη φόρμα από χαρτί
I placed the dough into the paper form. First I put flour underneath to prevent the dough from sticking to the baking pan
Ρίχνω αλεύρι στη ζύμη για μην κολλήσει
Adding flour to the dough to prevent it from sticking

I noticed that the dough presses hard against the walls as it rises. The two duck tapes I used to hold the pieces of paper together were not enough. I needed more. I’ll do it next time!

Η χάρτινη φόρμα άρχισε να υποχωρεί
The paper form began to give way from the pressure of the rising dough

The paper form ended up working very well, despite the shortcomings of the first time! It held the dough and gave it the desired shape. The bread turned out like a loaf.

Καρβέλι από φόρμα με χαρτί!
A loaf made from a paper form!

I hope you find this technique useful. It’s simple and functional!

Σπιτικό ψωμί καρβέλι! Με ζύμη και χαρτί.
The baked homemade loaf of bread! With dough and paper

Next time, I’ll use 1.5 sheets of A4 paper to build each paper form. That way the form will be larger in diameter. I will also bake a loaf in each baking pan.

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