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Greek Threads from “El. D. Mouzakis S.A.” – Greek Mouzakis Company, Greek cotton producers

Ελληνικές Κλωστές Μουζάκης

You may wonder, what made you to post a picture of threads?

These threads are an “inheritance” from my grandmother. Purchased between 1970 and 1980.

And what about these you’re gonna tell me?

They are simply the best threads I have ever seen and Greek made by El. D. Mouzakis S.A.. They are so strong, if you are not careful, you can cut yourself.

So what? The place is full of threads today. What are you trying to tell us?

Compare the quality of the threads you find today with those of the “El. D. Mouzakis S.A.” 50 years ago. Consider that most of the threads are now imported. Consider that a few decades ago Greece had a very strong textile industry that employed thousands of people and had significant exports. It produced its own clothes with its own handicrafts. The money stayed in Greece. Now it imports it by exporting the money. There are many similar examples…

Notice the “Greek Made” on the label

I am touched by this and it gives me hope for the future.

Raw Material – Greek Cotton

Greek Cotton. Back when Greek farmers fed Greek manufacturing. Everybody wins!

Eleftherios Mouzakis

Eleftherios Mouzakis (1913 – 28 September 2006) was a Greek businessman, known as the “father of the textile industry”, the last living traditional textile manufacturer. He was the founder and president of the companies of the group of the same name.

He started in 1933 as an employee of a commercial spinning company.

In 1944, he founded a small business, ‘Klataloudas Butterfly-Mouzakis’, and in 1952 he took over the exclusive import and distribution of DMC – France products.

In 1957, together with ‘Kitharas Threads’, he set up ‘Klostoviomixania Hellas S.A.‘, which took over the companies and their brands that had been acquired in the meantime.

It thus acquired the largest share of the Greek market for sewing and embroidery threads.

In 1991 his company was listed on the Stock Exchange and signed a contract with Madeira Germany for the exclusive import and distribution of its products in Greece.

In 1995 he founded the company “El. D. Mouzakis – Serres Ginning Plants S.A., in which El. D. Mouzakis S.A., a 51% shareholder in the company.

In 1998 it signed a contract with a German company for the exclusive import and distribution of its products on the Greek market.

In 1999 the company entered the capital of the company “Ilios S.A.” with a 50 % stake, and in the capital of the company ‘Robert Matra’ with a 60 % stake.

Mouzakis passed away in 2006.


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