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Cost of Electricity bill – CO2 – Desertification – Climate Change – Manure. What is the connection?

Allan Savory

“HARVESTATION” is the process whereby fertile land becomes a desert as a result of drought, deforestation and improper agricultural activity.

“Desertification, climate change, lignite and the electricity bill in Greece and worldwide” could have been the secondary title…

Huge areas of the planet are being deserted or have already been deserted.

In these areas, there are no more plants to make the land fertile and absorb the CO2 (carbon dioxide) we produce.

Only by turning these lands green again, WOULD SOLVE THE CO2 PROBLEM on the planet and Greece!

As we know, plants absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and convert it into O2 (Oxygen).

If there are not enough plants due to the desertification of vast areas of the planet, there are not enough natural “laboratories” to convert CO2 (carbon dioxide) into O2.

This lack of greenery and plants exacerbates climate change and the imposition of many measures, including financial penalties.

Electricity bill and desertification

Thus, for example, only in Greece would CO2 charges not be imposed on lignite.

The Energy Suppliers would be profitable.

Electricity bills cheaper.

The country would be self-sufficient in electricity production, due to the continued exploitation of lignite (as Germany continues to do…).

Unemployment would be reduced.

Exports and jobs would increase.

Allan Savory

Allan Savory has dedicated his life to finding a solution to this problem.

The video below is a confession and the solution they found.

Simple, economical and ecological.

The solution is in the manure, in the manure, in the manure!

The manure and urine of large herds of animals grazing on these lands is enough to rejuvenate them and make them fertile again.

In other words… manure. Lots of manure!

At the end of the video he has photos of deserted areas that have been resurrected and are green again.

The path to knowing the solution to reversing desertification

The path to this knowledge was not easy. Nor was it without casualties.

In 1950 they killed 40,000 elephants because they believed that large herds of elephants were responsible for desertification.

In the following years they tried other solutions which failed.

Eventually they came up with the solution that every ordinary villager knows.

Put your animals to graze in a field, leave them in it long enough to “relieve” themselves in it, and next year everything will be greener.

What nature has always done.

At least Allan Savory and his team understood and proved it.

What can we do wherever we are?

We too can contribute in simple ways to tackle climate change and restore the natural balance.

Help the Earth get more carbon dioxide-to-oxygen conversion labs!

Wherever we are, let’s plant plants!

Let’s plant trees, vegetables, flowers!

In the city, in the country house, on the terraces, on the balconies, in the courtyards, in the fields.

Let’s plant everywhere! Let’s green the place!


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