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The winter potatoes are ready for harvest!


My delicious winter potatoes
Delicious winter potatoes see the sunlight (14 November 2018)

I sowed my potatoes on August 29.

potato seeds
I sowed my potatoes at the end of August

potato plants at full growth
Potato plants in full growth (30 October 2018)

At the end of October, the potato plants were almost ready. Note the following:

  • As fertilizer I used only compost.
  • I did not use any insecticide and I am very proud of that.

10 days later, the picture of the potato plants was completely different. The sturdy green and tufted plants had completely dried up. This was the sign that the potatoes were ready. I must admit that compared to the summer, the plants dried out very quickly. So fast, I was initially scared.

green upper parts of potato plants have dried
The potato plants have dried up (10 November 2018)

Beneath the earth, there was treasure hiding!

Potatoes! Lots of delicious potatoes, no insecticides no fertilizers!

my potatoes harvest
Potato production (14 November 2018)


  • I dug deep and wide enough to get the potatoes that were under each plant
  • Some of the potatoes that were down below – fortunately they were few and far between – were starting to go bad. They had almost turned to water.
  • There were black worms, small centipedes and other beautiful little insects moving around in the soil. This is normal.


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